Board of Directors Update - Fall 2015

posted Nov 3, 2015, 4:15 AM by Daryl Angier

Dear 70 High Park Ave. Owners,

We heard you. In recent weeks, many owners have told board members and management that one of the most important things they are looking for is improved communication. You want to know what’s going on in the building, where things stand and when things are going to happen.

The board of TSCC 1676 will be taking a number of steps to help improve communication with owners and residents. One of the first is this update notice. You will see more communications like this from us on a regular basis. Communication also means listening, and we pledge to provide you with more opportunities to let us know what’s on your mind.

Here are a few things we think you should know now.

AGM Recap

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place September 24 at Grenadier Retirement Residence, filling the room. 54 owners attended and another 21 owners that couldn’t attend filled out their proxy ballots for the election of directors. This was one of the highest participation rates since TSCC 1676 was established in 2005.


Four candidates ran for election for two board positions. Daryl Angier and Ida McLaughlin were each elected to three-year terms. The board would like to thank Renata Holder for also putting her name forward, and say a special thank you to John Attard and Jennifer Bodner for their dedicated service as board members.

The new board of TSCC 1676 for 2015/16 is:

Warren Holder  -  President

Daryl Angier   -   Vice President

Albert Yuen   -   Treasurer

Ida McLaughlin   -   Secretary

Alex Bernardino   -   General Manager


All owners received copies of the auditor’s report and the audited financial statements by Dario and Franklin LLP. In the opinion of the auditor, the financial statements presented fairly the position of TSCC 1676 as of May 31, 2015. Among the items discussed were the transfer of money from the operating fund to the reserve fund in preparation for future major repairs and expenditures.

Additionally, Ian Clark of CIBC Wood Gundy, which manages the investments in our reserve fund, gave a brief presentation on how the money in the reserve is invested. If you are interested in learning more about the investment portfolio for our reserve fund, please contact the management office for a copy of Ian’s presentation.

President’s Report

Among the highlights of the report by outgoing president Jennifer Bodner:

     A new reserve fund study was completed by Brown & Beattie. The study projects the major expenditures for the next 30 years. Contact the Property Manager if you wish a copy.

     The security breach in July was discussed, including costs, which were covered by our insurance (less the deductible), and lessons learned.

     Changes to landscaping in front of the building and being chosen as a finalist for a City of Toronto Garden Award (see below).

     Changes to the work schedule of the superintendents. Their new schedules are Monday-Friday, effective September-December 2015 on a trial basis.

Owners raised a number of other issues at the AGM that they requested the board take action on. These include:

     Prompt resolution to elevator noise issues. The outgoing president informed owners of a solution and that work would be commencing in the coming weeks (see below).

     Determining whether or not Kitec plumbing is in the building and what the board intends to do about it.

     A few owners wanted to know what was going to be done about hallway carpets.

     Some owners said they felt that the standards for cleaning in the building were not as high as they should be.

     Some owners expressed concern about squirrels causing damage on balconies.

     Owners that cycle expressed frustration with the lack of available bike parking.

     Several owners felt the board and management could do a much better job of regularly communicating information about various issues in the building.

Board Priorities for Coming Year

At the board meeting on October 5, the board decided to set out the following items as some of our priorities for the coming year. These priorities were based on feedback from owners at the AGM.

     Resolving the elevator noise (see below).

     Next steps to determine if Kitec plumbing is in the building and what to do about it.

     Improving communications with residents.

     Discussions/decisions on best options for bike storage, installing of new carpets, controlling squirrels, improving cleaning and regular maintenance.

Open House and Holiday Gathering

Please join the board of directors on Monday, November 30 at 7pm for an Open House and Holiday Gathering in the party room. The Open House will provide owners with the opportunity to gain more insight into the budget planning process for 2015/16, learn more of the specifics about the elevator repairs, join committees such as the Garden Committee and the Social Committee and discuss other items of interest to owners with the board. More details on Open House topics will follow as they are finalized.

Refreshments will be served. Come out and raise a glass of holiday cheer with your fellow neighbours.

Elevator Noise

We are very pleased to report that repairs and maintenance to address elevator noise have moved ahead. The work is divided into two phases. Phase One began on October 20 with technicians from Kone dealing with elevator door noise and clunking noises between floors.

Phase Two is scheduled for mid-late November, at which time the rollers on both cars will be replaced with bigger rollers. This solution was recommended to us by an independent engineering consultant, and confirmed by Kone, as the best method for resolving this issue. Updates on this work will be posted in the News & Updates section of and on the notice board.


Squirrels on Balconies

Owners and residents continue to tell us about issues they are having with squirrels causing damage on our balconies. The board has made it a priority to determine the best way to control the squirrels in a humane manner. However, it is important to remember that our building is located near a large park and in a neighbourhood with many mature trees. There will be a limit to what any solution can accomplish.

At this time of year, when the weather is getting colder and the squirrels are building nests, the first line of defense against the damage they can cause is your own diligence. Please be sure to check your balcony regularly for signs of squirrel activity and do not leave items on your balcony that will provide squirrels with a source of food, a place to shelter or materials with which they could build a nest. Most importantly, do not feed the squirrels.

Garden Update

As we announced previously on, City of Toronto Councillor Sarah Doucette (Ward 13 Parkdale-High Park), member of the Parks and Environment Committee, helped celebrate the beautiful gardens in Toronto by recognizing the winners of the 2015 Toronto Garden Awards at City Hall on October 14. The awards are intended to showcase and recognize some of Toronto's outstanding gardens and the gardeners who have spent countless hours, energy and passion to ensure that Toronto's non-public green spaces grow and flourish.

"Much of the green space in our city is comprised of people’s front and back yards and while some people view these spaces as areas that need to be mowed once a week, others see them as vibrant and livable natural spaces that should be nurtured," said Councillor Doucette in a press release.

Finalists, which included residential and non-residential properties, were selected from winners of last year's local community garden contests. The judges considered the use of landscape, the condition and maintenance of the garden, the use of plant material, colour and texture, and the garden's overall appeal.

70 High Park Avenue was a First Place winner in the High Density category. Congratulations to our garden club members, John, Lorrie and Evelyn for their hard work and dedication in creating an award winning green space.



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