Update: April 9 Council Meeting Details and Community Activities

posted Apr 3, 2013, 9:13 PM by Unknown user

April 9 Community Council Meeting

As a reminder, the on April 9, Etobicoke York Community Council will be considering a proposal by City planning staff to hold a community consultation about the development proposal. Community members are encouraged to attend the meeting or to make a written deputation to the council. 

To make a written submission to council, you may submit by e-mail to etcc@toronto.ca or by fax 416-394-5600. To speak at the meeting, you may request by email or by calling the Secretary, Rosemary MacKenzie at 416-394-8101. Try to have your request to speak or your written submission submitted prior to Monday April 8 at 9am to ensure that your input is included in the packages for council.

Meeting Details

Community-led Petition and Community Discussion Forum

Some of our residents have started initiatives to respond to the development proposal, including the following:
  1. An online petition opposing the development proposal; and
  2. An online discussion forum for community members to share and discuss issues and ideas about the development proposal.
Although these sites are not maintained by 70 High Park, we would encourage you to visit them and discuss your concerns and sign the petition if you support it.

Reminder: Local Councillor and City Planning Contact

Below is the contact information for our Ward 13 City Councillor and the City planner for the proposal: