Important Update: Community Consultation Meeting on Development Proposal Planned for May 6

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Community Consultation Scheduled for May 6

The City of Toronto is holding a community consultation meeting on May 6 where area residents can learn, ask questions and share comment/concerns with the City and local councillor about the proposed Grenadier Square development. Please plan to attend the meeting.

Meeting details are as follows:
  • Date: Monday, May 6, 2013
  • Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Place: Humberside Collegiate Institute (Auditorium) - 280 Québec Avenue
The coming months, and this meeting in particular, will be critical for the community to mount an effective response to the development proposal as the City begins to draft its final report and recommendation for council which may happen as early as late fall 2013.

A copy of the City's public meeting notice will be posted on the 70 High Park Avenue notice board and residents should also receive a copy by mail.

For convenience a PDF copy of the notice has been attached at the bottom of this post.

Contact info for our local councillor and City planner for the proposal:

Results of April 9 Community Council Meeting

The May 6 community consultation is taking place as a result of the April 9 decision of the Etobicoke-York Community Council meeting, details of which are outlined below.

Council decided the following:
  1. That planning staff a schedule a community consultation meeting for the lands at 51-77 Quebec Avenue and 40-66 High Park Avenue, together with the Ward Councillor (Sarah Doucette).
  2. That Notice for the community consultation meeting be given to landowners and residents within 240 metres of each building in the proposal, with the additional cost to be borne by the applicant.
  3. That Notice for the public meeting under the Planning Act be given according to the regulations of the Planning Act.
The City anticipates that a Final Report and Public Meeting under the Planning Act to consider this application should take place by the fourth quarter of 2013 so long as the developer provides any required information in a timely manner.

Community-Led Petition and Outreach

As a reminder, please consider participating in the following community forums and responses to the development proposal. The petition is nearing 500 signatures.
  1. An online petition opposing the development proposal; and
  2. An online discussion forum for community members to share and discuss issues and ideas about the development proposal.
Although these sites are not maintained by 70 High Park, we would encourage you to visit them and discuss your concerns and sign the petition if you support it.

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