Updates – December 2014

posted Dec 13, 2014, 5:39 AM by Rishi Sharma
In-Suite Smoke Alarms

As number of residents complained about their in-suite smoke alarms being too 

sensitive our fire protection contractor Onyx Fire offered to have them replaced by 

less sensitive photoelectric devices. The cost would be $43.06 (price is based on 

minimum order of twelve units per building) and paid by unit owners. If you are 

interested please contact the management office or superintendents. 

Condensation Tray Refurbishment 

Many of you may have received a repair notice from GTS Services regarding 

corrosion in the condensation tray in your fan coil unit. If this is not treated either 

pinhole leaks or blocked drain may cause water damage in your and other suites.

GTS Services offers:

• to sand down the rust/corrosion in the tray

• apply a rust converter to prevent further deterioration. The cost is $150.00. 

There is no obligation to use this specific contractor. Residents are free to 

seek a second opinion and competitive quotes to perform this service. 


For any further questions regarding the above services please contact the office