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Garbage and Recycling

Properly disposing of your garbage, recycling and hazardous waste can help to reduce the building’s garbage disposal fees while supporting a healthier environment.

Our building is equipped with chutes on each floor that accept bagged garbage and recycling. We also have a garbage and recycling room on the ground floor next to the mailbox area where you can bring garbage, recycling, organic waste (i.e. green bin waste) as well as electronics and other hazardous household waste.

For any questions about how to use the garbage and recycling facilities in the building, please contact our property manager. For questions about general recycling and garbage practices, please contact the City of Toronto at 3-11 or visit the City of Toronto’s Garbage and Recycling website.

Please also use the City's Waste Wizard to understand how to sort recycling and garbage items.

General Garbage Chute Practices

Bag It

Please ensure that all garbage and recycling thrown down the chute is bagged and tied. Bagged garbage and recycling ensure that smaller and lighter items do not get stuck in the chute and also help to ensure the proper operation of the sorter and compactor. 

Garbage Chute Hours

The garbage chute may ONLY be used between the hours of 8am and 10pm daily. This is mandated in section 7 of the condominium rules. Noise from the chute can be loud and a nuisance to neighbouring units. If you need to throw out garbage or recycling outside of these hours, please do so by bringing it down to the garbage/recycling room (next to the mailboxes in the lobby).

Using the Chute for Recycling

To use the chute for recycling, press either of the sorter buttons (i.e. “Paper” or “Containers” because all “blue box” recycling in Toronto is now combined). Open the chute door and place your bag of recyclables in the chute and release them once the orange light stops blinking and becomes solid.
Kitty Litter, Animal Waste, etc.

Please do not throw kitty litter or other animal waste down the garbage chute. Kitty litter or waste from small animals should be thrown out in the garbage bin in the garbage and recycling bin. Kitty litter or animal waste thrown down the chute can cause sever damage to it. Dog waste should be thrown out in the small green bin on the north side of the building in front of the ramp up to the garbage and recycling room.

Large Items (Pizza boxes, packaging etc.)

Do not throw any pizza boxes, large or awkward boxes (e.g. appliance or furniture boxes) or any other unusually large or long items down the chute. They will get stuck in the chute causing garbage to build up resulting in very foul smells. This also results in expensive service calls to unclog and clean the chute. Please dispose of any large items in the garbage/recycling room.

Recycling Practices

Styrofoam and Plastic Bags Are Now Recyclable

The City’s recycling program is now accepting certain polystyrene items (aka Styrofoam) and plastic shopping bags. Polystyrene includes Styrofoam cups, meat trays, foam egg cartons and foam packaging (e.g. foam electronics packaging) but NOT foam packaging peanuts. Please ensure that any food containers are rinsed clean. Plastic shopping bags are also being accepted for recycling as long as they are basic bags without drawstrings or metallic detailing. Please gather all plastic bags together in one bag and tie closed.

Common Recycling Errors

The following items are NOT recyclable and therefore must not be included with household recycling:
  • Clear plastic fruit/vegetable/takeout containers
  • Moulded bakery item trays
  • Plastic make-up jars, caulking tubes, food storage containers (e.g. Tupperware) 
  • Plastic bags for produce, bread, milk or sandwiches; freezer bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Plastic wrap, including food wrap or Saran wrap, and plastic wrapping covering pop or bottle cartons, toilet paper, Kleenex boxes or paper towel
  • Scrap metal, hangers, aluminum foil food wrap (foil containers and trays ARE recyclable)
  • Drinking glasses, dishes, cups (glass or plastic), crystal, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs,     ceramics, pottery, pots or pans
  • Waxed paper, waxed cardboard or bubble mailers (even with paper outer)
  • Any type of solid wood or lumber (e.g. crates for fruit like mandarins)
  • Appliances, any hazardous waste items (batteries, toxics) or electronics (see below).

For a detailed list of what can and cannot be thrown out with recycling, please take the time to read either the latest City of Toronto Garbage and Recycling Calendar which comes in the mail early in the year or the City of Toronto’s Garbage and Recycling website. On this site you can also find the Waste Wizard, a searchable list of over 1500 waste items and how to properly dispose of them.

Batteries, Bulbs, Paint, etc.

Batteries, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, paint or other household toxics must not be disposed of with your garbage or recycling. Please bring any of these items to the garbage and recycling room and place them in the appropriately labeled bins across from the recycling bins. Please note that traditional incandescent bulbs, including halogen bulbs, do not need to be disposed with household toxics and should be disposed of in the garbage.

Recycling Bins Now in the Parking Garage

The corporation recently replaced the garbage containers near the doors in the parking lot and installed new recycling bins alongside them, making it easier to recycle waste items from your car or locker. 

Green Bins Coming to the Building

The corporation is in the process of setting up organic waste collection for the building. Once this is set up you will be able to throw organic waste down the garbage chute for collection. We are awaiting further information from City of Toronto representative about how to move forward with this.

Electronic Waste Recycling Coming Soon

The corporation is also exploring the possibility of setting up electronic waste collection bins in the building. This is a new service being offered by the City as a part of its waste diversion program with the support of Ontario Electronic Stewardship. In the meantime, if at all possible, please dispose of electronic waste at a Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off at one of the City’s Solid Waste Drop-Off Depots. The nearest depot to 70 High Park is 50 Ingram Drive. Call 311 to confirm hours and directions.