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Keys, Security and Guest Entry

Keys and Entry Codes (PIN)

New owners should receive the following from the previous owners when you move in:
  • 2 suite entry door keys
  • 2 mailbox keys
  • 2 locker room keys
  • 2 access cards/FOBs
  • 1 garage remote control door opener for each parking space you have purchased
  • 1 guest parking entry code
  • 1 buzzer/entry phone code for guest access to the building (Enterphone System below)
Owners may purchase additional access cards/FOBs or remote controls to access the parking lot from the Superintendents. The n

on-refundable charge for one access fob is $40. The n

on-refundable charge for one garage opener is $50.

The access card and the remote control garage door opener will allow you entry into the building through the garage doors and designated doors from both the exterior into the garage, as well as various common area doors.

The Enterphone System

The enterphone system is located in the front lobby as you enter the building as well as the P1 parking level visitor’s entrance, and operated through your phone. New residents should fill out the Registration/Information Form for New Residents so that your name can be entered into the system. 

The telephone in your suite will ring indicating your guests have arrived. After answering the phone, press “9” to permit entry into the building. The front entrance camera may be viewed by residents on their TV. For channel information please contact your service provider i.e. Bell or Rogers. 

Door Locks

Your suite entry door has a specially designed locking system, which is not to be altered. The Rules prohibit residents from changing or placing additional locks on the doors to any unit or any part of the common elements without such locks being on the Corporation master key system. 

Should you wish to install your own in-suite alarm system, please advise the Management Office.