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Moves and Large Deliveries

Elevators have to be booked in advance for deliveries to ensure least impact to the vertical movement of people. This is why an elevator cannot be booked during the morning and afternoon “rush hours”, a practice which is commonly followed in all high-rise, residential and commercial buildings. 

Only one elevator can be booked at a time and that is the Service Elevator. This is because the Service Elevator has a taller cab and opens into the Delivery Room, which is the only acceptable path to bring deliveries into the building.

Prior to your moving day please contact the Superintendents to schedule a time and to fill out an elevator booking form (available on the forms page) along with a damage deposit of $300.00. We require at least 48 hours advance notice of moves (in or out). The elevator pads must be hung in the elevator before you commence your move. After completion of your move, the superintendent will inspect the elevator as well as the common area leading to your unit, and confirm that all boxes, etc. have been disposed of and that no damage has been caused. Boxes may be folded and left in the recycling room on the main floor.  

The moving truck should turn into the property at the north entrance and proceed along the side of the building. All items should be brought in through the moving room on the north side of the building near the gate and loaded onto the service elevator. The building Superintendents can direct you to show the building's moving area.