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Resident Parking

You may enter the garage at the south side of the building off High Park Avenue. In order to open that garage door, you will require a remote control device. 

When entering or exiting the premises, please operate your vehicle safely and drive at a speed of no more than 10km/h and adhere to all posted signs. This is a requirements of the building's Rules.

Please ensure that the management office has your correct license plate number and always use your own designated parking spot. In the event that you are unable to park in your designated space for whatever reasons, please contact the management office or superintendent(s).  Vehicles parked in unauthorized spots will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense. Parking tickets will not be paid or cancelled by the condominium corporation. Please keep in mind that for legal reasons, it is the owner's responsibility to remove unauthorized vehicles in your designated parking spot. 

Please lock you vehicle at all times and avoid leaving valuables inside. 

Repairs, washing, oil changes and storage of non-functional vehicles is not permitted in the parking areas. Parking spaces are for vehicles only and are not to be used for storage of ANY articles. Items left in the garage will be discarded. 

Residents must park within their parking space boundaries. Please be considerate by parking in the centre of the lines to allow for your neighbour to open their doors. Please be sure to always use your garage door opener prior to proceeding into the garage. Do not follow another vehicle in! The Corporation will not be held responsible for any damages caused to vehicles.

Visitor Parking

There is guest parking provided on the P1 level of the garage. Visitor parking spots are indicated with a “V”. Visitors are unable to access the resident parking garage. 

In order to access the garage your visitor(s) will need to enter a PIN number on the keypad box. You must provide the pin number to your visitor(s) prior to arriving at the building. It should be noted that the PIN number for the garage is different from the lobby enterphone PIN number. Both PIN numbers should be provided to you at the time that you pick up your keys. If not, please contact the Property Manager or Superintendents.

Overnight visitor passes are required when guest(s) plan to park in guest parking past 2:00am. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure a parking pass has been obtained for their guest by calling Mobile Support Services (toll free) at 1-877-820-7744 with the guest’s license plate number and the duration of their stay. Visitor parking is available on a first come first serve basis. A detailed Guest Parking Guide should be included with every unit.

If the Guest Parking Guide is missing or if you do not know your unit's guest entry code for the garage, please contact the Property Manager or Superintendents.

Residents must park in their designated parking space and not in the visitor’s parking area. 

Parking Garage

A rubberized membrane installed on the garage floor surface, of P1, prevents water and road salt brought into the garage on tires, from penetrating into the cement. 

This coating is very sensitive to oil, other chemical stress from turning tires when the car is not in motion. A quick look at the floor under you car will help determine if the coating in your space is damaged, i.e. cracks or holes. If oil leaks or spills of any kind occur, please clean them with soap and water or throw an absorbent material on the spot to soak up the spill and later clean the area. Please also notify the Superintendents. Leaks left for any period of time will result in damage to the garage surface and will be the financial responsibility of the owner of the parking space to repair to original condition. Repairs to the membrane are expensive. A few minutes of your time could avoid this unnecessary expense.

Parking spaces cannot be rented to non-residents. Should you wish to rent your parking space you must inform the Property Manager, and upon renting you must advise management of the renter’s name, unit number and license plate number.