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Smoking is prohibited in all common elements, including balconies which are are considered exclusive use common elements. The Rules (section 4h) specifically prohibit smoking in all common elements except as may be designated by the Board.

Balconies are common elements that are designated exclusive use in the condominium's Declaration.  In accordance with the Declaration, clotheslines or awnings are NOT permitted on balconies. Balconies may also not be used for the storage of bicycles, boxes, skis, or any other items.  Residents must also not install or place any type of antenna or satellite dish on the property or common elements, including balconies.

Barbeques are not allowed on balconies, with the exception of the penthouse units (i.e. LP, P, UP/18, 19, 20).  These units are allowed to have barbeques provided that they are fuelled solely by the natural gas supply of the building. Arrangements for such installations must be coordinated with the Property Manager. Any other barbeques in the penthouse units are strictly prohibited.