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Selling or Renting Your Unit

Selling or Planning an Open House?

Ensuring the safety and security of our residents is as important a goal as the successful sale of your suite.

Please ensure your realtor is aware of these rules before you agree to hold an open house.

As well, please notify our Property Manager and Superintendents of your upcoming open house and provide them your For Sale sign so that it can be posted by the bulletin boards near the mailboxes (subject to space availability).
  1. Do not place your enterphone code and suite number on realtor signs.
  2. Please ensure that only short “A-frame” style realtor signs are used to advertise open houses, as follows:
    • Signs should only be placed on the sidewalk area out of the way of both pedestrians and the driveway entrance and exit paths.
    • Do not place signs on the property of 70 High Park Avenue including the pedestrian island, front gardens and flowerbeds, driveway, steps, etc.
    • Do not stake any type of sign in the ground in front of the building, including the gardens or the grass areas by the curb. Signs placed in either location may obstruct the view of pedestrians and vehicles, contrary to Toronto Municipal Code 693 (Real estate signs).
  3. Ensure your realtor has an assistant to greet and sign-in guests in the lobby area. It is a security risk to allow visitors to enter the building without being escorted.
  4. All negotiations and offers should be done behind closed doors and not in any of the common areas.
If open house rules are not adhered to, they will be dealt with immediately, including removal of signs and barring prospective buyers from entering the building without being escorted. As well, the Board may be forced to consider placing further restrictions on open houses if these rules are disregarded.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to maintain the safety and security of 70 High Park Avenue.

Renting Your Unit?

The Condominium Act, 1998 requires that all Owners who wish to rent their unit must inform Property Management and complete a Form 5 (available from the Property Manager or the forms page on this website) that lists all of the tenant’s information in case of an Emergency.  All leases or rentals must be a minimum of 6 months.  All tenants must adhere to the same rules as all other residents and have the Owner’s permission in writing to rent any of the amenities on the property. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in a reduction or loss of common elements and amenities privileges.