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Elevator Safety Protocol

Temporary power surges, sometimes milliseconds long, can cause an elevator to lurch and abruptly stop.  This is not a common occurrence, but it does happen. 

Our elevators are inspected and serviced on a monthly basis. Forcing the elevator doors open for lengthy periods of time, such as during unscheduled moves or deliveries, can cause the elevators to malfunction and require them to be put out of service for a period of time.  The service elevator must be booked with the Superintendents for moves or deliveries so that it can be placed on service – otherwise, malfunctions may occur.  These can cause an inconvenience to residents of the building and also increase costs for the Corporation which ultimately affects all residents. 

If You are Stuck in an Elevator:
  1. Press the “HELP” button located on the panel below the floor numbers.
  2. A monitoring station operator will respond with instructions and stay in touch with you until you safely exit the elevator.
  3. A technician is dispatched only if you are trapped or the elevator continues to not respond.  In emergency cases, the Fire Department is contacted by the monitoring station operator.
  4. Once you have safely exited the elevator, report the incident to the Property Manager or Superintendent, so that they can take appropriate action, including putting the elevator off service until the cause of the malfunction has been determined and rectified.