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Fire Safety Protocol

Fire Safety Protocol - Based on the City of Toronto Fire Safety Guide for High Buildings

  1. Leave the fire area;
  2. Close all doors behind you;
  3. Activate the Fire Alarm by using the nearest fire alarm pull station;
  4. Use exit stairwells to go down to the ground floor level and leave the building;
  5. From a safe place, call 911 to contact the City of Toronto Fire Department. Never assume this has been done.  Know the correct building address and advise the location of the fire;
  6. Do not use elevators.  The elevators are on automatic recall to the lobby for firefighter use only;
  7. Do not return until it is declared safe to do so by a Fire Department Official.

  1. Before opening the door, feel the knob for heat.  If not hot, brace yourself against the door and open slightly. If you feel air pressure or a hot draft, close the door quickly;
  2. If you find no fire or smoke in the corridor, take your suite key/s and close the door behind you and leave by the nearest exit;
  3. Do not use the elevators;
  4. If you encounter smoke in the corridor or stairwell, consider taking an alternative exit, where it may be clear, or return to your suite;
  5. Listen for instructions or information, which may be given by authorized personnel over the voice communication system;
  6. If you cannot leave your suite because of fire or heavy smoke or are instructed to remain in your suite by a firefighter, close your door, but leave it unlocked to allow entry by firefighters;
  7. Dial 911 and tell the Fire Department where you are, then signal to firefighters by waving a sheet from a window or balcony;
  8. Seal all cracks where smoke may get in by using wet towels or sheets;
  9. Crouch low on the floor if smoke comes into the room;
  10. Move to the most protected room and partially open a window for air, if possible. Close window if smoke comes in;
  11. Wait for assistance and remain calm;
  12. Listen for instructions from authorized personnel over the voice communication system.
  • If anyone in your unit requires assistance when evacuating during a fire, please advise the Property Management Office.  Do this immediately and do not wait until there is a fire or an emergency.
  • If you have pets in your unit who will need to be evacuated if a fire or an emergency occurs while you are not at home, please advise the Property Management Office.  Again, do this immediately and do not wait until a fire or an emergency occurs.